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Dentist Appointment

Private Fees

New Patient Assessment


Routine Assessment


Urgent Assessment (same day)


Emergency Call Out (out of hours) 


Small X-Ray


Scale & Polish


Amalgam (metal) Filling

From £100

Tooth Coloured Filling

From £120

Root Canal Treatment

From £350

Upper or Lower Denture

From £695

Teeth Whitening



From £600

Teeth Alignment (Invisalign)

From £2800

Implant & Crown

From £2500

Denplan Payment Plan

We also offer a monthly plan, tailored to your treatment needs. A monthly plan includes regular examinations and hygiene appointments, as well as discounted rates on dental treatments. Please enquire at the practice or visit Denplan to find out how Denplan can help you.

0116 243 1788

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